Social Commitment

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The Adventz Group has, since inception, always laid great emphasis on its responsibilities not only to the well-being of its stakeholders but also to the larger communities in the areas in which its companies operate.

Our CSR approach is benchmarked against the global best practices and the guidelines issued under the New Companies Act 2013. We have formulated our CSR policy to guide the strategic planning and provide a roadmap to our initiatives, which is an integral part of the overall business policy and aligned with its business goals.

We identify and prioritize social and environmental issues by engaging internally across the business as well as externally with a broad set of stakeholders. We are grateful for our stakeholders' contributions, their encouragement, ideas and constructive feedback to help us improve. Our CSR policy contributes to the wide goals of Adventz by adopting projects in the areas of intervention defined in Schedule VII.

Through various initiatives, our group companies prepare less privileged groups and communities with knowledge and the capacity to achieve improved health, education and livelihood outcomes.

In addition to this, social development initiatives undertaken by the Adventz Foundation reinforce our social commitment. Adventz Foundation was founded in 2011 to carry forward and build upon Adventz Group's legacy of promoting corporate citizenship and is committed to developing prosperous, empowered and healthy communities